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Mr Hemp

100% Natural Hulled Hemp Seeds (250g)

100% Natural Hulled Hemp Seeds (250g)

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From the farm to your taste buds, Mr Hemp Hulled hemp seeds will leave you feeling amazing in every way!


100% Australian owned and grown, Mr. hemp hulled hemp seeds offer a powerful source of protein, fibre and omegas, containing all the essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fibre.


 Gmo/ge, chemical, pesticide and residue free. Vegan friendly.


The raw seeds originate from a Hemp Seed Grower Cooperative in Tasmania, Australia, transported using refrigerated containers to Hemp Hulling Co (QLD) facility located in Coolum Beach, Queensland.  There, they are graded & hulled (removing the outer crunchy shell from the inner seed) which then flow through a series of aspirators (separating the seed from its shell) and proprietary machinery. The results are just fantastic! Super clean, fresh and truly Australian Grown and processed Hulled Hemp Seeds!


The facility is Certified Organic, Food and HACCP grade and climate controlled.

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