Collection: Hemp Surf Wax

Hemp Surf Wax

80 grams of hand made goodness

A happy mix of 100% all natural bio-degradable ingredients such as our Hemp Oil, MCT oil, bush resins and beeswax.Here at Mr Hemp we are passionate about the environment and sustainability.

Mr Hemp’s Natural Surf Wax formed out of this love. Hand made in Emerald Beach NSW from non petroleum based materials for the love of the ocean. We make a sustainable environmentally conscious surf wax that is less harmful to you and the ocean and doesn’t support Big Oil or the petroleum industry.

Unfortunately many popular surf wax brands contain waxes that come from from petrochemicals: by-products of Big Oil. Paraffin is refined industrially using nasty carcinogenic chemicals like toluene and benzene and is the base of most globally available surf wax brands. These common ingredients are part of an environmentally disastrous industry and can also be harmful to you as a surfer and to the ocean we love.

We don’t leave much wax in the ocean each time we surf. But inevitably we leave some, and unfortunately it’s likely a tiny bit of non-biodegradable petrochemical nastiness that will eventually enter the marine ecosystem. With an estimated 35 million surfers world wide, it adds up.

Mr Hemp’s Natural Surf Wax is ethically hand made from non toxic goodness by two guys who love the ocean, love the environment, and believe that hemp is an important tool in the fight for a sustainable world.Mr Hemp’s Natural Surf Wax is an ongoing journey of discovery and is only just beginning. We are most open to all feedback and suggestions. Thanks and much love.