We love hemp and we think you will too.
We love hemp. It's an amazing plant that possesses extensive material, nutritional, medicinal, and therapeutic qualities and we believe it has the power to change the world.

That's a big call.
Yes we dream big. But here at Mr Hemp we are wholly passionate about the hemp plant and its many benefits: from food to clothing, from medicine to housing, from therapeutics to renewables. Recently a fresh understanding of these properties has seen hemp and hemp products becoming more popular in a variety of fields. We truly believe that growing the collective love for hemp can solve problems on both individual and global scales.

It's really nice to meet you.
Hey lovely people my name is Aaron Armstong and I created Mr Hemp to try help make all this happen. Here in Australia the hemp industry is making strides. The more we all support our Australian hemp industry and the greater chance we have of investing money into new processing techniques and new ways to grow the industry.

Australian Made and grown
We are excited to provide a truly Australian grown and Australian owned hemp food product. Mr Hemp is a local small business run by family and friends and supports Australian hemp producers, makers and farmers. From farm to table you will be happy to know the produce and products you are purchasing are healthy, good for the environment, and offer complete transparency and honesty within a flooded market.